Israel: the People, the Land, the Future

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Central Christian Assembly, 5855 Imperial St., Burnaby, BC Canada

What does the Bible teach about the role of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel at the present time? What is God’s plan for the future of Israel and her neighbors? How can believers in Yeshua (Jesus) be part of God’s peace process in the Middle East?

These questions and others will be addressed by our featured speakers – all Jewish followers of Jesus the Messiah:

  • Dr. Mitch Glaser, President, Chosen People Ministries.
  • Dr. Daniel Nessim, Chosen People Ministries, Leader, Kehillath Tsion / Zion Messianic Fellowship (Vancouver).
  • Olivier Melnick, National Director of Training, Chosen People Ministries.
  • Jorge Sedaca, Executive Director, Chosen People Ministries (Canada).

Praise & Worship led by Messianic Musician, Corry.