Through her many trials and life experiences, Corry presents the hope that only comes through the revelation that God not only exists, but that He cares deeply for the affairs of human beings and wants an intimate relationship with everyone who calls on Him.  Her message is simple and clear, honest and sometimes very raw. She willingly and eagerly shares her own personal tragedies to help others heal, reconcile and come to a place of coexistence with pain and suffering, but with a deep and abiding peace and joy.  After serving in ministry since 1981, God has called her to begin sharing more of those personal experiences through her music, speaking engagements and writing.




Corry's Music Video "Rain Down"


On November 7, 2018, the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA, was filled with college students as a gunman entered the building and began his senseless massacre. Twelve people were killed, including a friend of Corry's daughter and friends of Marla Antinoro's children, (the writer of this song). The following day, the infamous "Woolsey Fire" broke out in the area and Marla and her family were forced to evacuate their home in the midst of their intense grief. It was out of these two back-to-back tragedies that Marla was inspired to write this song.

The video is very timely. In the last few years, we have witnessed profound devastation from rising crime, pandemics, tyranny, businesses shuttered, suicides, overdoses, addictions, wars, riots, government corruption, recession, and unparalleled misery. In the midst of the despair, the world needs to know that God is still here. He is still in charge. We are in desperate need for His intervention. We must never forget, that while the enemy has a plot, God always has a plan.

Why the title Rain Down? Well, rain is a simple metaphor of God’s power and blessing. This is what is urgently needed in this dark moment of history. Our shooting locations in Malibu, Nashville, and our humble driveway in Southern California were fun locations to tell our story. After hundreds of hours of brainstorming, video shooting, green screen production, editing in Apple Final Cut, (with gallons of coffee and Dove chocolate), the project was complete!

Most of all, we give God the glory He deserves. We are convinced that He is raising up voices of creative expression to prophetically communicate to a world desperately needing a voice of truth, conviction, and a return to the biblical values that made us great. We will rise up if You lift us up, Lord! Come and Rain Down on us now!

Corry's Interview with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries International!

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