Halo Yadata

Soup Kitchen with Brian Slater

Brian Slater, director of Abundant Bread of Salvation in Israel, is featured in this video montage with Lev Shelo's song, "Blessed", as the musical backdrop. Brian is an amazing friend and supporter of Lev Shelo, and works tirelessly for the poor and rejected citizens of Israel. Please support Brian's efforts and support Israel. For more information, visit Brian at or email him at

Glen Campbell Plays Hava Nagila!

Lev Shelo and the Beth Emunah Messianic Synagogue worship band ( had the privilege of performing Hava Nagila with Mr. Glen Campbell for a documentary about the history and societal impact of this song in the United States.  The documentary is produced by Katahdin Productions with Roberta Grossman directing.  Please consider supporting this film by visiting Roberta's website at

Fun on the Set of Halo Yadata

Some footage of the making of our video, Halo Yadata.

March Of Life Ukraine

A most amazing ministry in Germany, T.O.S. is a church in Tubingen with a heart for Israel and for reconciliation to the Jewish community and Holocaust survivors in particular. Lead by Pastor Jobst Bittner, these Christians have captured the hearts and gained the respect of Jewish people worldwide and lead the Christian community in its efforts to reach our people with love, forgiveness and restoration, as well as present the true gospel of Yeshua! Towards the end of the video, be sure to listen for a portion of our song, V'haer Einenu! Please visit their website at

Kadosh Atah

Lev Shelo ministering at Tree of Life Messianic Congregation in San Diego, CA. The song is called Kadosh Atah (You Are Holy). Featured in the video, from left to right; Mark Keller, Matthias Rykert, Corry Bell, Tony Warner, Rhonda Leon and Steven Keller. Working the side camera is Rachel Keller.  Please visit the Tree of Life website at

Passing On The Torch with Nick Vujicic

A very amazing video from a very amazing ministry," Life Without Limbs". Heed the words of a man who knows (Nick Vujicic) and let not your silence keep you from reaching someone who needs your love. Corry, her mom, her daughter Michaela, and her son, Beau had the privilege of being a part of this film, as well as several of their dear friends. They all lit their candles at the end of the video. Why don't you light yours?  Visit for more information and to see how you can help.

Navajo One New Man Conference

On December 12, 2012, an historic event took place in Farmington, New Mexico, among the First Nations tribe of the Navajo Indians.  Under the leadership of Pastor Robert Tso of Victory Life Church in Shiprock, NM, and Pastor Robert Wolff of Majestic Glory Ministries in Malibu, CA, a conference was held to promote and support the State of Israel.  A proclamation of support for Israel was signed by Navajo President Ben Shelly and Iron Image Media captured the entire day on video!  Supporting sponsors included the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, Jewish Voice Ministries, Promise Keepers, and the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute.

Glen Campbell Chanukah

On 12/28/11, Corry had the privilege of singing Marty Goetz's Chanukah song with Country music legend, Glen Campbell, with the impeccable Gary Bonner at the piano.   What an amazing artist Glen is, having heard, learned and sung harmonies to this song, all in one evening, even with the obstacle of advancing Alzheimer's.  Alzheimer's doesn't seem to be an obstacle, however, for Glen as he harmonizes with Corry and provides the Campbell party guests with a warm introduction to the last night of Chanukah.  For more information about Alzheimers and how you can support the search for a cure, please visit  Corry's dad, Bud Campbell, had Alzheimer's as well and went home to be with the Lord on June 30, 2013.  Let's continue to petition the Lord for the cure.  For more information about Glen Campbell, visit his official site at
"We love Him because He first loved us."  I John 4:19