Halo Yadata

Soup Kitchen with Brian Slater

Brian Slater, director of Abundant Bread of Salvation in Israel, is featured in this video montage with Lev Shelo's song, "Blessed", as the musical backdrop. Brian is an amazing friend and supporter of Lev Shelo, and works tirelessly for the poor and rejected citizens of Israel. Please support Brian's efforts and support Israel. For more information, visit Brian at or email him at

Glen Campbell Plays Hava Nagila!

Lev Shelo and the Beth Emunah Messianic Synagogue worship band ( had the privilege of performing Hava Nagila with Mr. Glen Campbell for a documentary about the history and societal impact of this song in the United States.  The documentary is produced by Katahdin Productions with Roberta Grossman directing.  Please consider supporting this film by visiting Roberta's website at

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