What Others Are Saying...

 Winners of the "YAVO AWARDS 2010" on WTRC Radio for Best Group and Best CD!!!

"The debut project from Lev Shelo is sure to be an instant classic in Messianic praise/worship music. I appreciate the attention to detail in producing a first-rate project with first-rate musicians! From beginning to end you can hear The Hope of Israel calling His ancient people to the Banquet. Definitely a full CD worth buying in a singles-downloadable iTunes world.
Both thumbs up!"
~Ted Pearce~
Messianic Artist

“Lev Shelo weaves vibrant worship, artful musicianship, and great Jewish songs (with new treatments) into an irresistible sound. When they played at our recent conference it was a high point, providing a deep time of worship and some very cool music.”
~Rabbi Russ Resnick~
Former Executive Director
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

"The Lord has really given Corry and Lev Shelo such a fresh sound, and wonderful blend of styles. The arrangements on the album are beautiful and the overall musical quality is great!"
~Karen Davis~
Messianic Artist
Worship Leader, Kehilat HaCarmel, Israel

"We are blessed to feature 'Or HaOlam', a very anointed offering of praise by the group, Lev Shelo.  Made up of very talented believers, Corry Bell and Mark Keller and friends, this group is sure to leave its mark with all who listen.

Great arrangements of these wonderful offerings of praise, along with the talent that each contributes makes this CD a must!  Corry Bell’s vocal abilities are rich in sweet tonality and her heart is poured into each note that she sings.  Mark and the other musicians lend their hearts for the Lord in music and all in all 'Or HaOlam' is sure to be heard world-wide.

I have several favorite songs from this wonderful CD, however, I have chosen a few samples that I feel are examples of the greatness of Lev Shelo’s heart and soul.  Halo Yadata (Have You Not Know) and Kadosh Atah (You are Holy) are anointed offerings unto the Lord, examples of excellence prepared unto Him.  Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father Our King) made me lift my hands in worship to Yeshua.  I have to say that Lev Shelo is a wonderful ensemble of those whose musical heart beats strong.  Their love for Yeshua is very evident through their music and will surely help many to grow closer to Him.  Two Shofars Up!"
~Phil Pearlman~

"Something fresh and exciting in the Messianic Jewish music world. Blessed and anointed with skill, heart, and spirit, this CD will take you to Zion and you will enter into the Holy of Holies. Your body will sway and bow, your feet will rejoice as your soul embraces this innovative approach to the Father through Yeshua His Son. Unequivocally, Lev Shelo’s first CD is a triumphal sensation."
~Rabbi Murray Silberling~
Author of Dancing for Joy - A Biblical Approach to Praise and Worship & The Seven-Year Contract
Former Senior Rabbi - Beth Emunah Messianic Synagogue

"Lev Shelo's music is not only unique and inspirational; this inaugural CD is also crafted with the highest level of professionalism. I am drawn in by the Presence of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in these songs, and have personally experienced what a joy it is to dance to this music. Corry's sensitivity to recognize dance as worship and praise is one of her outstanding qualities as a worship leader, making partnering with her in ministry an absolute blessing and pleasure!"
~Juli Burkhart~
Nationally acclaimed Messianic Dance Director
Life Coach

"I believe the finger of G-d is stirring melodious Messianic waters and creating lovely tributaries into the hearts of Jews and non-Jews alike.  These are they whose hearts ache for the return of Messiah Yeshua.  His Music – Messianic in nature and sound – comforts, rejuvenates, and enlightens us all … as if preparing our hearts for what lies ahead. 

“Or HaOlam” is the first-born musical offspring of Lev Shelo.  I believe the CD is destined to impact Believers of every kith, kin, and kind.  We all refer to it as Messianic music and, of course, this is true … but the Lev Shelo Sound is so much more than that.  In Spirit, it transcends labels and taglines.  In performance, the music shape-shifts purposefully into whatever the listening heart longs to hear.  The music speaks the Father’s language … clear and compelling … for all to enjoy. 

It won't be long before the beauty and richness of Messianic music captures the attention of a wider spectrum of folk.  It will one day be ushered center-stage at popular concert halls, prosperous mega churches, and the bare walls of sanctuaries without pedigree.  The "Sound" of Lev Shelo with Corry Bell will play a divinely orchestrated role when that day comes.  (Look for me in the balcony doing my “I told ya so!” dance..")”

~Sheliyah Lyon Hall~


“For the last few years, attendees of Messianic Jewish conferences have worshipped to the live strains of Messianic band, Lev Shelo (His heart). Now, with Or HaOlam (Light of the World), the group’s new CD, listeners get to take those tunes home. Led by vocalist and band co-originator, Corry Bell, the playlist not only invites us into God’s heart, but ushers Him into ours as well.”

Or HaOlam should satisfy many tastes and preferences. These selections lend themselves to congregational or convention-size dancing. Yet, they are texturally and contextually rich enough to usher one into deep, intimate worship—and, ultimately, into the very presence of G-d.”
~Gail Levin~
Former Editor, The Messianic Times

Re-printed by permission of The Messianic Times (Sep/Oct 2011 edition)
 "Cast all your burdens on the L-rd and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved."        Psalm 55:22