For booking information, please contact Corry Bell at or (805) 795-0394.
For larger venues, please contact our management team:  
New Hope Management
(972) 862-6160 or (615) 818-0710


Silent Valley Club, 46305 Poppet Flats Rd, Banning, CA

This will be a full concert in celebration of Sukkot! This congregation camps out all week long in literal celebration of Sukkot as in Biblical times! If you can't stay the full week, at least come for the concert! for more information. for directions to the campground.

Multi-congregational Sisterhood Retreat

 —  —

Brandeis-Bardin Campus-American Jewish University, 1101 Peppertree Lane, Brandeis, CA (Simi Valley)

This is a multi-congregational women's retreat designed to encourage and strengthen your faith and your relationships with other women. Come and be refreshed and renewed by the worship led by Corry Bell, dance workshops, teachings by Monique Brumbach, Danah Sanders and Brenda Turner, swimming hiking and massage (at an additional cost). Registration forms are available at the Beth Emunah website;

TV Show Taping with Jonathan Bernis - Jewish Voice

Jewish Voice Ministries International, Phoenix, AZ

Lev Shelo will be guests on Rabbi Jonathan's acclaimed show, Jewish Voice. Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis serves to inspire and educate viewers with rock-solid teaching. They broadcast daily to over 715 million homes worldwide via satellite, cable, local broadcast stations, and streamed video. Join us as part of the live in-studio audience. Visit their website at for free ticket information.


Calvary Faith Center, 8301 Elm Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Save the date! This is an Israel support, educational event!

 "Yeshua looked at them and said to them, 'With men, this is impossible, but with G-d, all things are possible.'"       Matthew 19:26