For booking information, please contact Corry at or (805) 795-0394.

Holocaust Memorial Benefit Concert

Beth Shalom Messianic Jewish Congregation, 2790 California Ave., Corona, CA

We're really excited about his one! For many years, Jack Flournoy (of blessed memory) and his staff at Holocaust Remembrance Foundation of the Valley had a vision to erect a meaningful Holocaust memorial at the Town Square Memorial Park in Murrietta, California. After his passing, his widow, Jan, contacted us to see about doing a benefit concert to raise funds to finish the project he began. All proceeds will be donated to help launch this memorial to those who suffered and perished in the Holocaust. Please come and show your support! You'll have a wonderful evening, we promise!

Happy Birthday, Israel Event/Conference!

To Be Announced Soon!, Houston, TX

As soon as we know, you'll know!

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