"The vision was to see jewelry with a Messianic message, to share what God has written in His Torah, His word for all of us, and for all of us to take His message and pass it on; to convey what has been on my heart since the Lord stirred me in 1979. It has been my desire to know more about my Biblical heritage and about the people He calls His chosen. I was given those opportunites while living on a Kibbutz in the Golan of Israel in 1980 and now with my family living our lives within the Messianic community over the past 30 plus years."  
                                                             ~Michelle Teeter, Designer/Creator Inscribed On My Heart jewelry.

Our dear friend, Michelle Teeter, is not only a gifted photographer, but she now has her own line of Messianic jewelry! Creative, original, hand-crafted and affordable.  To order, please visit her site at www.InscribedOnMyHeart.com.   She has new, original designs featured often, including the fun and innovative, "Snap Jewelry"! You will be delighted with her creations!